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From Portland Hikers Field Guide

Portland Hikers Flower Identification Tool


This tool is created has been created to help hikers identify the flowers that they see in the wild. Keep in mind that exact determination of species in the field can be difficult and sometimes scientific analysis is needed. Use these guides as a best guess scenario.

To identify an unknown wildflower, please count the petals on your flower and click the appropriate link.

Flowers that seem to have one petal or are too odd to tell.

Three Petaled Flowers

Four Petaled Flowers

Five Petaled Flowers

Six Petaled Flowers

Flowers with more than Six Petals and Composite flowers

Portland Hikers Field Guide is built as a collaborative effort by its user community. While we make every effort to fact-check, information found here should be considered anecdotal. You should cross-check against other references before planning a hike. Trail routing and conditions are subject to change. Please contact us if you notice errors on this page.