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Flora:Nootka Rose

From Portland Hikers Field Guide

Nootka Rose in the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge (Steve Hart)
Rosa nutkana
Rose Family

Alternate Names: Bristly Rose

Color Pink.jpg
Petals Pinkfive.jpg
Origin Native.jpg
Status Common.jpg



Cape Lookout (Steve Hart)
Columbia Slough (Steve Hart)
Columbia Slough (Steve Hart)


Nootka Rose plants have smaller leaves the the similar Wood Rose.

Tips on identifying Roses

solitary flowers;red stems;five to nine toothed leaflets;light thorns;petals often notched Baldhip Rose Rosa gymnocarpa
solitary flowers;green stems;five to seven toothed leaflets;thick thorns Nootka Rose Rosa nutkana
clustered flowers;five to seven toothed leaflets Clustered Wild Rose Rosa pisocarpa
clustered flowers;five to seven toothed leaflets;strong thorns in pairs opposite on stem Pearhip Rose Rosa woodsii


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